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Using LED lighting in your home or business is now as easy as flipping a switch and so is saving your money, time and the environment. USA LED replacement bulbs fit your existing fixtures and can reduce your lighting energy costs up to 80% or more. What’s more, all our products are completely guaranteed and risk free.

You buy with confidence. Our customers save money for years. USA LED Solutions offers lighting that needs virtually no care or attention for up to 50,000 hours. That is over 10 years at 12 hours use per day. Now that’s exceptional! Install USA LED lights now and stop unnecessary spending on high energy costs. Your money belongs in your bank!

USA LED Lighting – Parking Lot Solutions

LED Lighting enables high visual acuity and excellent lighting for security camera facial recognition capability. The pictures below show a 250W HPS fixture compared to a 93W LED resulting in a 68% energy reduction and dramatically improved lighting quality.

250W HPS


Retrofit  Your T12 Fluorescent fixtures with T8 LED Lighting before time runs out

Does your building still use T12 flourescent lamps? Now is the time to update and retrofit those T12 fixtures with T8 LED tubes.  T12 lamps are being made obsolete begining July 2012.  T12 fluorescent fixture systems are inefficient.  34W T12 4 ft lamps with magnetic ballasts consume at least 40W per lamp and they can be replaced with T8 LED tubes at 15 – 18W.

A conversion from T12 fluorescent lamps will typically result in an electrical savings of 50 – 60% and provide a payback of 2-3 years.  LED lamps also offer 50,000 hr operating time and are more compatiible with the environment due to the lack of mercury in the lamps as compared to T12 fluorescent lamps.  Contact USA LED Lighting Solutions to schedule your free audit today 

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Are you wondering what LED Light to use as a replacement for your current bulbs?

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Interested in Solar?

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Solar Technology / PV Systems

Solar technology is one of the cleanest forms of renewable energy. The technology has advanced significantly in recent years and is now cost effective for commercial businesses. Solar panels convert photons which are particles of light into electrons that creates a DC Current that can also be converted to AC Current with micro inverters assigned to each panel. Micro inverters provide reliability that a system sized single inverter does not.

Solar Cells are square shaped panels with semiconductors made from silicon or other conductive materials, that are split into very thin layers of film. The chemical reaction of the sunlight with the PV (Photovoltaic System) releases electrons that form the electrical current.

Photovoltaic Systems are extremely sophisticated electric systems, despite the fact they have few moving parts. This means they require little maintenance. The best way to ensure longevity to your solar array is to have it installed, designed and maintained by professionals.

Lighting Trends

The Energy Independence Act of 2007 requires that lighting products sold in 2012 and beyond operate with 28% lower power compared to the incandescent equivalent and not sacrifice light output. 100W incandescent bulbs were discontinued in 2012, 75W incandescent were discontinued in 2013 and the 60W incandescent bulb January 2014.

Energy efficient LED lighting technology is positioned well to displace conventional lighting technologies due to its high efficacy of over 100 lumens/watt and environmentally friendly nature. USA LED offers leading edge LED lighting solutions, Today!

Many LED marketing publications report that the LED Lighting growth rate exceeds 35% per year. LED Lamps

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LED Lighting

Financing Programs are Available!

Contact one of our Energy Experts today and we can show you the savings that you can expect with a change to Energy Efficient LED Lighting all with no money down through the use of PACE Financing, Utility financing, or USALED 3rd party equipment financing options.